The M(N)STRY: Black UniKorn & The KWhole Tree

I know I have been gone for a while but this year is calling me back here…

As full of grief as this year has been, it has also laid the groundwork for new inspirations within me. One of the projects I have coming up is a Reading & Discussion series for Lewis Latimer House Museum and sponsored by Humanities NY about the work of Audre Lorde and her championing the power of speaking (you can sign up for it here). This morning, while listening to the radio, I heard KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse and The Cherry Tree,” and what struck me about this song was once again this fear of blackness and darkness that is pervasive in this world. Thinking about the black horse, I remembered Audre Lorde’s The Black Unicorn collection of poetry and opened it to reread it again. Rereading Lorde’s work after hearing the song, it reminded me of the reason for rewriting my tagline as The SunKWholic (K)Nub: RK/V-V/KR (Reimagining The Past (+Sense) Manifesting The Future) and its explanation on my about page, of wanting to speak my blackness as a wholeness of being. Reading the collection, I saw it as an archive and that the Black Unicorn was a revelation of a living archive. A project I plan to start next year will explore this concept more, but in the meantime, here is a poem I was inspired to write from Lorde and Tunstall’s works:

Black UniKorn & A KWhole Tree

“In spite of the fire’s heat, the tongs can catch it.”

Let the heart grow ink in the chest


Wander & Break Open

Record Itself

A Khorus of Memory

In the middle of Now/Here

An aRK/V A true iKoN of Itself

Its own bearing of

Victory: Filling Itself

On the (K)Why of Its fury

Opens the door to release It from Its cage

That di/vides Itself from Itself

Open to the Di/vines:

The symbol & shadow into one

Allowing it to feed on Itself until it Just/Is

Not a shadow that follows the other’s ideology of supremacy

Not a symbol deciphered as De/Monster

But a Visible of an Invisible Moving Hype

A force speaking Its meaning for Itself

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