Moving on the Wires: Inspirations for the Month

My creativity is inspired by various people, media, spaces, things, etc., that I have come across in my life. Therefore, I want to start a monthly series where I share some of what I have come across in hopes that it will inspire you too:

1 ) Episode 79: Art & the Importance Of Physical Objects With Lyneise Williams:

I found this episode while researching the history of spaces in Queens, NYC for my art project, and I was fascinated listening to Lyneise Williams speak about the story of these dolls that were gifted to her and their spiritual, ancestral connections to practices like Nkisi. It made me think of archeological and anthropological work as a form of psychometry, a type of extrasensory perception involving reading histories and stories of objects.

2 ) First Book of Rhythms by Langston Hughes:

One of my art practices is asemic writing and symbology, so coming across this book by Hughes was exciting!

3 ) New Podcasts: After The Wake: Her Story and The Well Space

I’ll let them tell you about their podcasts:

“Join Khyla Jean (@Virgocrush_) Sharon Wilson (@Unicornqueen021) and Amber Worsley (@not_therealamberworsley) as they not only process the events of 2020 but imagine the future and whats next. After The Wake will serve as an acknowledgement of a new era of Black empowerment and liberation, and a celebration of what beauty comes from Black struggle and endurance. While After The Wake is a continuing, developing, story about Black rebirth during hard times, Her Story will be a 5 episode miniseries focusing on after the wake while centering Black female voices.”

“Picture this… you walk into a room filled with the most delightful scents; you detect notes of lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, and lemon. The room is full of sunlight pouring in from open windows with lush plants decorating the room in pots of all different colors and sizes. Soft music is playing at just the right vibration and the table is set with you in mind; a healthy bounty of your favorite foods awaits you along with a jug of cool water. You plop down on the most comfortable sofa and realize there’s enough space for you and your friends to enjoy.

That is the feeling we hope to inspire with every new episode of the Well Space Podcast. We are excited to announce Spoken Black Girl’s new podcast “The Well Space” with Editor-in-Chief Rowana Abbensetts-Dobson and Managing Editor Latoya Sinclair. Every other week, we will be chatting with a new guest and sharing insights and inspiration on how to live our best lives. Most of all, it’s a space to breathe, recenter, and grow together.”

4 ) The Center for Afrofuturist Studies and Afrotectopia

These two are great resources for furthering your study of Black speculative thought and theory. They have a wealth of books, articles, papers, art, exhibitions and other media to expand your mind.

See you next time!

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