The M(N)STRY: Poems from Unsettling the Wor(l)d

Currently I am participating in a workshop with poet and activist Joey De Jesus, Unsettling the Wor(l)d from The Liminal Lab. I wanted to share the poems I crafted from their prompts, especially since I wrote them during this stressful week. I hope you are feeling a bit lighter today!

Image Credit:

Neon Arts

Commonpoint Queens’ Hoodoo Tarot

Funk Apostles :: American Gods

G_ND__L_RS Daughter :: Voices Beyond Bondage

Phoning Home Special Moments

A Morning Prayer for Healing

An Evening Prayer for Restoration

Community happens here

Black Venus Diaspora Diaries

Great Wine

Made Simple Bunk

The Happening

How to Write a Thesis

And Sometimes They Fly

Web Rebel Books Membership

Why Did I Become

Transformative Justice

The Body in Language :: Enlightenment Magic :: Mantra Infusion

Canon Legacy :: Game History :: Power Shot

Broken        America :: Com/Fort Quest

Lest We Forget

Receiving Sybils Oraculum on Election Day

Laminated ruins of images on cards

Symbols from a before time

A book-like grotto

The Blue Moon whispered in IG screen capture

Decide for yourself 

I pulled a card while watching cartoons

Parents watching the news in the other room

Waiting for results between red and blue

What is the count? Still waiting

For what am I truly waiting?

The card is a questioning

Two dove feathers cross

A tuning trinity on its side between them

Reminds me of know thyself

What I once was before I was fractured

Plucked of wings

The sound of the dove is my poem

My offering to the world

I sing it to myself for comfort 

Wading through the blue waters

Is my poem 

Waiting becomes my poem

Becomes a prayer and sermon

A higher love that Whitney sings to me

I pray to make the world green with vitality

Beyond this false illusion of beauty and growth

The waiting is the growth

To remember the function of my blossoming in this world

To be more than this fractured world

The Gold of Guilt (Stop Playing the Myth of Innocence)

But nobody wanna be a nigga

Wanna be the in/noc

The un/nigga

To not have a skin full of blemish  of blame

To not face death as oneself everyday

To not have a choice but face its gravity its weight its wait to be

Wanna be a monstrosity of light

Wanna be living into eternity

Nobody wanna pay up for wrong

Make someone else pay

Make them a token

Make them a property

The Monstrous slave

So the un/nigga can play hero

Can play the cowardly role of good

Everybody wanna be a nigga

The cool

The “perfect” victim

The “perfect” criminal

The All in All of a/void a wound a brokenness 

The In/Nigga is the honesty the repair 

The giving up the pain to feel truly light

The In/Nigga is the confession that there is always someone

I have hurt           including myself

And I must sit within that Nigga

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