KWhole Apoethecary Rescriptions — Rx #4

Rx #4: What Would True Health Care Be? As we near the end of Black History Month, this series of tweets from Dr. Ashon Crawley response to the release of the recent movie, Judas and The Black Messiah, stood out to me: Reading Crawley’s series of tweets helped me to realize how much care is […]

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StoryCraft: A Stitch In Time

Guess what? What? I’m on Wattpad! As I continue writing my fantasy novel, I want to keep practicing my story-writing skills, therefore, I will be posting short fiction on there. My first is called, “A Stitch In Time,” which follows a teenage girl who meets an unexpected guest who lives in her home and discovers […]

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Rewind: Looking Back to Go Forward

For the last Rewind post for this month, here  is an episode from the Black History Month episode of Sister, Sister “I Have a Dream,” where Tamera is struggling with life changes and moving forward. She has a dream where she travels through the past meeting different well-known black figures who made a change in […]

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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: Langston and Lucille’s Magic of Simple

This month, I attended two poetry events, David Mills’ dramatic performance of Langston Hughes’ works and Elizabeth Alexander’s conversation on Lucille Clifton’s mystical, shaman-like poetry, reminded me that so much magic can condensed into few and sometimes simple words; they made magic out of the ordinary. Below are some poems from Hughes and Clifton as […]

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Afrofuturism Mix

On the last day of Black History Month, I invite you to check out John Morrison from Liberation Art and Culture Works‘ mixtapes: Black History Month Vol.1: Africa: Center of the World L.A.C.W.-Black History Month 2012 Vol.2: Black Love is an Act of Revolution L.A.C.W.-Black History Month 2012 Vol. 3: What Time is it!?!? It’s […]

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