Moving on the Wires: Museum of Moving Image + Brown Girl Begins + More!

Happy Black History Month, or Black Futures Month, depending on who you ask! 2018 is off to a great start for Futuristically Ancient! See the news below:

*The Afrikan Poetry Theatre is hosting Past, Present and Futurism at the Museum of the Moving Image on February 24th from 2pm-6pm. The day includes film screenings, such as the Ethiopian sci-fi film Crumbs, and a panel discussion, “Afro-futurism: The History & Future of Black Science Fiction,” featuring graphic artist Tim Fielder, filmmaker Mike Sargent, filmmaker M. Asli Dukan and yours truly! Also a special award will be presented to Octavia Butler! RSVP here!


*On the 24th, I will also make an announcement about an upcoming project I am starting and in partnership with the Afrofuturist creative cooperative and agency, Hepicat!  In the meantime, listen to Hepicat’s podcast, Forty Acres & a Rocket!

*I finally will see Sharon Lewis’ film, Brown Girl Begins, based on Nalo Hopkinson’s book Brown Girl in the Ring. BAM theater is screening it on Tuesday, February 13th, at 7pm. Expect a review of the screening from me the following week! Watch the trailer below:


*The next reading for my Afrofuturist-inspired chapbook, Lucy’s Bone Scrolls, will be on February 17th at 2:30pm at one of my favorite places: Lewis Latimer House Museum! This will be my first reading in the museum and I am excited! The reading will be with my publisher, Three Legged Elephant founder and author, Malcolm Boyd, and followed by a conversation.


*In the coming weeks, expect an interview with local Queens artist and author Susan Varo and a review of her book, The Happening!


*And of course, this week is the premiere of BLACK PANTHER! FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting a whole year and I look forward to finally seeing it in all of its glory!!! If anyone is dressing up or doing anything else elaborate for the premiere, you can share your photos with me and I can share them on here! Let’s all celebrate it and shut the mouths of all the haters!



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