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Modern Griots Reviews: Séan L. Young’s The Mystical Gathering Series

Photo 20Popular culture is filled with worlds of wizards, witches and mystic superhero characters likes that of Harry Potter. But while audiences are excited by the fantasy of those worlds, real life communities of witches either go unnoticed or are demonized as satanic. And even in the fiction, rarely do we get a super-witch character who is a 5’5”, dreadlock-wearing black guy. Let alone a posse of witches who are black women. And with these unexpected characters comes an unexpectedly entrancing, enlightening, and still down-to-earth book.

Séan L. Young‘s book one of his Mystical Gathering Series –The United follows three Floridan witch friends and college classmates, Wanda, Sam and Alycya who meet a mysterious new classmate and art student Vyncent Wynford. The bold, 6-foot “goddess of chaos” Wanda, the inquisitive intellect Sam and Alycya, who falls for Vyncent and lives with two powerful witch aunts, Hellyna and Anjylla Hehu, quickly welcome the outsider into their magical group. But Vyncent’s powers seem to go beyond ordinary magick (the term for actual witchcraft practices) and into psychic, “super-wizard” abilities, especially with his owl companion and spiritual guide, Snipe (aka Snipps). As Vyncent is welcomed into the close-knit circle, he is revisited by old enemies, Richard and his crew, Gabriel and Sigmund, new ones like Dr. and Mrs. Franken, and learns that Alycya’s aunts know more about him than he thought, leading to a series of events that could not only decide his fate, but that of everyone around him.

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Welcome To My New Blog!

This is Aker, Ms. Futuristically Ancient and I am a Time Traveler!

My name Aker (pronounced Ah-Care) comes from an ancient Egyptian god represented by two lions facing opposite each other with the sun in between. He was know as the god of yesterday and tomorrow as well as the horizon. He also guarded the underworld through which the sun passed through creating the night and when it came out, day would come.

The reason why my blog focuses on putting culture into a historical context has to do with the god Aker, who relates to West African word Sankofa and the Greek god Janus. We did not come from nothing. The past, present and future are all connected and the past has had an influence on the way we are now. By learning the past, we can better situate ourselves within time and better handle our future.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me!