Modern Griots: Adia Tamar Whitaker

Adia Tamar Whitaker is a San Franciscan dancer, choreographer and vocalist, and was artistic director of artistic director of the Brooklyn-based dance theatre ensemble, Ase Dance Theater Collective. For years, she has performed contemporary and Afro-Haitian dance styles, was part of the Afro-Haitian dance company Group Petit La Croix and taught workshops and master classes. In 2008, […]

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Art and Ms. Jones

During my Art of the Other (Black and Latino Art) class, I found out about Lois Mailou Jones, a Harlem Renaissance artist. I came across, a few days ago, her painting “The Ascent of Ethiopia.” In this 1932 painting, Jones traces the journey of Black people from the Egyptian/Ethiopian culture to the Harlem Renaissance in New […]

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