Art and Ms. Jones

During my Art of the Other (Black and Latino Art) class, I found out about Lois Mailou Jones, a Harlem Renaissance artist. I came across, a few days ago, her painting “The Ascent of Ethiopia.” In this 1932 painting, Jones traces the journey of Black people from the Egyptian/Ethiopian culture to the Harlem Renaissance in New York City. Jones appreciation of the African Diasporic culture increased after she met Haitian graphic artist, Louis Vergniaud Pierre-Noël, who would be her future husband. Besides completing works based on the AfricanAmerican culture, including portraits and collage paintings of well-known figures like Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes and Carter G. Woodson, her paintings included works with influences from African culture, such as in “Les Fetiches,” “Ode to Kinshasa,” “Africa,” “Initiation Liberia,” and “Ubi Girl From Tai Region,” and Haitian culture, in “Peasant Girl, Haiti,”  “Voodou Symbols” (page 3), and “Veve Voodou III.”

Egyptian Heritage

I like the space-age look of this painting

Initiation Liberia

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