Sorry, You’re Not That Original

Grace Jones and Lady Gaga

One of the reasons I was never impressed with Lady Gaga is that I feel as if what she does and wears has been done before and she does not even do a great job at naturally making it her own. Here is a picture I saw on Tumblr today comparing Grace Jones and Gaga, and so this will be a small taste of one of my upcoming posts…

2 thoughts on “Sorry, You’re Not That Original

  1. How can you not be impressed by GaGa????!!!!

    She is the queen of cool and the saviour of western culture!!!!!

    …..apparently…. 😉

    Actually, apart from just being unoriginal and recycling fashions from the past, a lot of the similarities between the various pop acts is because they are all being used by the industry (which is totally controlled at that level) to promote the same agenda (corporatism/ consumerism/ dumbing down / cultural subversion etc) and program the youth with the same messages.

    This is WHY so much of the symbolism, behaviour, music, themes, lyrics, videos etc are all the same these days.

    Being a time traveller yourself 😉 you will know that entertainments of all kinds have always been used by the ruling establishment to manipulate and program the masses.

    The ‘cultural programming’ (indoctrination, propaganda etc) is so strong these days (and so glossy and hi tech) that most people are convinced it is all just harmless entertainment (which on one level is true). But people also believe that all entertainments is ONLY there to entertain us. This is absolutely NOT true!

    Once you see how Hollywood/ busic biz etc are using entertainments to steadily steer people’s attitudes, behaviours and thoughts in one direction, generation by generation, you start to wonder how you never noticed it before!

    For lots of great articles on this check out:

    …. and the “Entertainment Does Not Exist’ series on my blog

    Love the whole concept of your blog BTW 🙂

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