Lose Control!

via The Ase Fountain

“AfroFutures. Postmodern Ancients.

Spoek Mathambo – Control

This is such a great video, it can be read on so many levels. A South African cover version of an English tune (Joy Division She’s Lost Control) to me it plays with the kinds of images that signal a terrible, fearful ‘voodoo’ to the mainstream. Western images of traditional African spirituality usually imply loss of self, loss of control, reversion to a mindless savagery that only rational Western ‘civilisation’ cures. Spoek plays around with these images and recasts them in a hip, unsettling, AfroFuturistic video that deserves wider viewing. Big up Spoek!”

Techno/Electronic music is not my favorite genre, but this is too cool to deny! Also, check out The Ase Fountain on Tumblr; it is a very interesting site that covers the various cultures of the African Diaspora.

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