“I’m Strange and I Like It, Just the Way I Am”

Earlier, I posted about how I was never impressed by Lady Gaga because I have had enough experience with quirky female artists who I feel do a better job, especially in the music area. I am not saying that Gaga is not smart or talented; I am saying that she is not very convincing at her strangeness and most times, it feels manufactured or unnecessarily weird. So, I am compiling a list of other female singers, past and present, who seem to do it effortlessly:

1) Grace Jones: Even she admitted to not wanting to work with Gaga: “I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”

My Jamaican Guy

2) Betty Davis: As you may already know, Betty Davis, to me, is one of the quintessential quirky women. She was different before it was acceptable for most women, especially women of color, to be weird in fashion and music in the early 1970s.

They Say I’m Different

3) Madonna: I am not a huge fan of Madonna (mostly for reasons outside of music), but I will agree that she has the amazing ability to reinvent herself over and over again.

Express Yourself (This is one of my favorite songs from her and I enjoy the Metropolis references)

4) Kelis: Before Rihanna and now Beyonce, she was the contemporary Black female artist who made it cool to be a “Weird Black Girl.”

Get Along With You (It is very Tim Burton-esque)

5) MIA: The first time I heard her was when I heard “Galang” and I liked her style from her fashion to her musically fusioned sound, mixing aspects from Hip-Hop culture to South Asian culture.


6) Santigold: Like the to previous artists, she mixes together different styles like rock, pop, and dance.

L.E.S. Artistes

7) Shingai Shoniwa: The lead singer of the band, The Noisettes, and as you saw on my post on Sister Rosetta, she definitely has a unique style, from her hair to her clothes.

Don’t Give Up

8 ) Pink: She has a soulful rock voice and a look with just as much edginess to it.

Just Like a Pill

9) La Roux: I just found out about her and I am liking her style…


10) Karen O: The leader singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs….their name says enough….

Heads Will Roll

11) Janelle Monae: Can you get any weirder than an artist whose muse is a cyborg?

Many Moons

12) Sia: She is kind of like the adorable, shy, creative artist that I relate to.

Breath Me

13) Gwen Stefani: Remember her? The No Doubt singer and her out-of-the-box style over the years. Just look at her Alice in Wonderland inspired video (Gaga wasn’t the only one inspired by the tale).

What You’re Waiting For

14) VV Brown: Is it me or are British people more quirky than Americans?

Crying Blood

15) Priscilla Renae: A singer who deserves more attention for her unique style.

Doll House

One thought on ““I’m Strange and I Like It, Just the Way I Am”

  1. Sista…..greetings, long time.

    There is this Nigerian sista who is fresh/def/off the chain/wicked/wonderful/&futuristicallyAncient: her name is Nneka Egbuna. &she is theFUTURE/theNOW/thePAST puttin’ it down, her new video is
    out now…

    also just put in “NNEKA INTERVIEW” in YouTube, she’s waxin’ poetic in the interviews, I’ve been feelin’ her since ’07……& I know you love to do research so I know you’ll find out more

    stay strong….biggups biggups

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