Sun Ra and George Clinton, Brothers From Another Planet

Don Letts‘, the well-known British music documentarian and DJ, 2005 BBC documentary on the “out-of-this-world” jazz musician, composer, and bandleader, Sun Ra. Born Herman Blount, in 1914 in Birmingham, Alabama, Sun Ra later claimed to be from Saturn and his music definitely sounded like it came from there. Using interviews from members of his “Arkestra” and a wide variety of fans, the film traces the awe-inspiring life of the Jazz legend. In addition to that, I recommend watching Robert Mugge‘s 1980 film, “A Joyful Noise.”

For more on Jazz, check out Jazz pages (where I found out about these documentaries), and for other documentaries, check out Neo-Griot.

Below is another documentary from Don Letts, 2006’s “Tales of Dr. Funkenstein,” which is about Psychadelic Funk legend George Clinton and his group Paliament Funakadelic. Including interviews from Andre 3000, Macy Gray, and the late Gary Shider, the documentary covers Clinton’s career from his days with the doo-wop group The Parliaments to his work at Motown (with a hit single, “I Wanna Testify“) to his formation of Parliament Funkadelic and later his “solo” career and influence on contemporary artists.

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