Modern Griots: Gerald Watson, DJ 2-tone Jones and Shaolin Jazz

Yesterday, I wrote about the Festival of the Nw Black Imagination and one of the speakers was DJ 2-tone Jones. The idea for Jones and Watson’s project started with the graphic designer Logan Walters‘ project called, Wu-Note, in which he redesigned Wu-Tang Clan album covers as if they were original jazz Blue Note Records albums. Teaming up with artist Gerald Watson, Jones blended jazz instrumentals with the Wu-Tang Clan’s rhymes to create the mixtape, “Shaolin Jazz- The 37th Chamber,” which they released in April 2011. Gerald Watson has also worked on The Classics album cover art project and this is Capital Bop’s article for more on the project. Also, this is the April NPR article  and Revivalist article on the “Shaolin Jazz” mixtape.

(Continue below videos)



Pharoah Sanders- Astral Traveling

Killa Tape/Astral C.R.E.A.M. (samples Sanders)


Both Watson and Jones also have recently released their tribute to Gil Scott-Heron,called “The Gil Scott Suite.”

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