Black People and Comic Books?

I will admit I am a nerd, but unfortunately I was never greatly interested in comic books. However, lately, they are starting to catch my attention.

Jonathan Gayles’ film, “White Scripts, Black Supermen,” examines the barriers placed on black superheroes and includes many interviews, such as with the late Dwayne McDuffie and Mark Anthony Neale. You can watch some clips here.

A while ago, I came across this page from Marvel Comics about African Vodu gods as superheroes. They were affliated with Thor and the Asgardians and their first appearance was in “Dracula Lives.” Last week, 37th State posted Jiba Molei Anderson’s “The Horsemen,” who are African superheroes. Here is the description:

The Horsemen are seven people who have been possessed by the gods of Ancient Africa to save humanity from itself…. We are too often distracted by things like organized religion, politics, commerce, technology, war, lust, life and death. These are ‘diversions’ that keep us from seeing the bigger picture. The Horsemen are here to shake us out of our stupor and help guide us to a higher sense of being.”

“The Orisha emerged from a deep slumber. Seeing that their mission had been perverted, they had set about to free us… whether we wanted them to or not. The Horsemen returned. And their presence has changed the world.

But, what if there were others not Orisha, not Deitis, not Human, but something more, a new Race? What side would they choose in the coming war?

And, who truly controls the Eight Immortals but the number seven?”

Jiba Molei Anderson’s groundbreaking property, The Horsemen, rides again

The first two issues of the second mini-series, The Book of Olorun are available now at WowioLulu and Drive Thru Comics as well as in select comic book shops.”

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