Basic.Instructions.Before.Leaving.Earth: Caribbean Comics

Beaming in from Barbados –Back with the Astro-Caribbean series… The United States has a large comics book industry. But that doesn’t mean other places are not developing their own. As my parents are from Barbados and Dominica, I wanted to feature two comic book creators and publishers making it happen in the Caribbean: Beyond Publishing […]

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Black People and Comic Books? Part II

Via Arc Direct (posted 2 months ago) “During the next few weeks I will highlight some of the audio elements that make up weeksvILLe puMzI X, an afrofuturist/black speculation fiction themed sound collage.  Each of the production’s sound elements was placed to create a sense of thematic significance.  In the case of “Secret Wars, Pt. 2 & Superfly Meets […]

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Black People and Comic Books?

I will admit I am a nerd, but unfortunately I was never greatly interested in comic books. However, lately, they are starting to catch my attention. Jonathan Gayles’ film, “White Scripts, Black Supermen,” examines the barriers placed on black superheroes and includes many interviews, such as with the late Dwayne McDuffie and Mark Anthony Neale. You […]

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