Otherworldly Videos: Films to See

1) Love Will Tear Us ApartJapanese and Korean directors created a group of films on the strangeness and madness of love.

2) Attack the Block: Urban teenagers in London fight against an alien invasion.

3) Transfer: An older white couple inhabits the bodies of a young black couple to stay alive.

2 thoughts on “Otherworldly Videos: Films to See

  1. Love Will Tear Us Apart is actually a mashup of films made by Japanese and Korean directors. So that trailer is made up of several movies. I had to watch the first film shown in that trailer, Dream (비몽) it was really good/weird. Another film shown is Air Doll which I haven’t yet seen.

    Now if only I knew how to identify the other films! (I found Dream and Air Doll because I recognised the Japanese actors in them).

    1. Cool! Thanks for the info on Love Will Tear Us Apart, I will update it. Yeah, I want to start watching more Japanese films. I took Japanese in high school, but I forgot most of it, so I want to relearn it.

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