Otherworldly Videos: United States of Hoodoo

German director Oliver Hardt, who produced Black Deutschland, and writer Darius James, author of That´s Blaxploitation!!!! and Negrophobia: An Urban Parable, have come together to produce the “spiritual road movie,” United States of Voodoo.

The documentary explores how voodoo and hoodoo are still present in contemporary society through music, art and culture. The filmmakers describes the film as, “show[ing] that the old African gods have taken on new forms since their arrival on North America’s shores. Their spirit now manifests itself in turn-table wizardry, improvisational skills and mind-blowing collages, rituals and performances.”

Some interviews include, Darius James, Ishmael Reed, Nick Cave, Val Jeanty, Shantrelle P. Lewis, Danny Simmons, Kanene Holder, David “Goat” Carson, Hassan Sekou Allen, Sallie and Ann Glassma. They finished shooting for the film and now aim for premiering it in Gemrnay in July. Hopefully, it will be released here soon.

The film’s webpage is here and its facebook as well.You can also follow Oliver Hardt’s blog.

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