Moving On the Wires: The Abandon


Award-winning playwright and screenwriter Keith Josef Adkins is preparing to shoot a pilot for a new TV show called The Abandon, which will feature an all-black cast. Adkins, who was once a TV writer for the show Girlfriends, will be not only be a writer, but also a director and producer of the pilot.This is the description of the show:

“After a possible alien invasion, five black men discover they may be the last humans on Earth and quickly learn the importance of survival, loyalty and manhood…Friends from college, these five men will also discover why they are being hunted down by an alien species. And why the alien species may have a message that will disrupt the entire universe.”

Adkins says on his Indiegogo page, “The Abandon is inspired by my desire to see black and brown people work in the sci-fi genre. It is inspired by knowing so many black people who deeply love and respect the sci-fi genre and my interest in making them happy.” He continues, “We all love sci-fi. It gives us a chance to image worlds beyond this one.  Some believe the only demographic for sci-fi is white males between 18 and 40. However, we all know hundreds and thousands of sci-fi lovers are black and brown.”

Already Adkins is facing resistance from big companies like NBC/Universal, so show support by reading about his experience on Alicia McCalla’s website and donate to the show’s pilot at the Indiegogo page.

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