Moving on the Wires: Film, Films, Films

* One of the inspirations for starting this blog was watching this clip from John Akomfrah’s The Last Angel of History. I remember looking everywhere to find out where to watch the whole film, until a supporter of the blog eventually shared it with me. Still, I know there were others who looking for it, too, and if you still are, one place to get the DVD is at Icarus Films for about $35. Enjoy and thanks Stefan Nottelmann for the information!

* A few days ago, I wrote about and did a review of Beasts of the Southern Wild. The lead actress, Quvenzhane Wallis, will be in a new film, Boneshaker,written and directed byFrances Bodomo. The film is about Ghanaian family’s trip to a Pentecostal church to cure their daughter of a “spirit” and reflects Bodomo’s experience of dealing with migration, cultural change and cultural clashes. Read Her Film’s interview with Bodomo in which they talk about her film concepts, which include “doppelgangers, imaginary friends, ventriloquist dummies, and the un-institutionalized crazies who constantly break society’s view of itself” through an African perspective.

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