The Last Angel of History

Do you know how long I have been trying to find this film?! And the only place where I can find it, sells it for almost $300!!!!

Directed by Ghana-born English director, John Akomfrah, the 1995 documentary, The Last Angel of History,explores the intersections between Black music, science fiction, and African Diasporic religion, spirituality and history. The “data thief” collects fragments of the past to crack a code to open the door to his future. It is similar to the West African word, Sankofa, which I have a tattoo of on my back.

“In keeping with the futuristic tenor of the film, the interviews are intercut with images of Pan-African life from different periods of history, jumping between time and space from the past to the future to the present, not unlike the mode of many rock videos or surfing the Internet.”

This film is perfect for someone like me, fusing together several of my interests and providing some of the basis for my blog.

Anyone want to go on an archeological dig with me on the internet to find a cheaper DVD of this film or to find where this film is showing?

7 thoughts on “The Last Angel of History

  1. Aker, I just joined your blog & let me add: I have this documentary so just email and I’ll send you a link to it. It’s only 45 minutes but it packs a punch….

    I love this blog’s theme of AfroFUTURISM by the way…

    1. Hi Mr Thumblewaddle,

      Would it be possible to also receive a link? I’m a curatorial student and have curated exhibitions in the past and would really like to watch this film in preparation for an exhibition I am organizing for 2012. Thanks!


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