Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: SIUE Notebook

The SIUE (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) Black Studies program has a blog dedicated to various topics, including Afrofuturism. Below is their collection of posts on the topic:

A Notebook on Afrofuturism

Mark Dery coined the term “afrofuturism” in 1993, and during the late 1990s, Alondra Nelson began shaping a wide-ranging series of conversations that developed the uses and understandings of the concept. “AfroFuturism has emerged as a term of convenience to describe analysis, criticism and cultural production that addresses the intersections between race and technology,” she wrote. “Neither a mantra nor a movement, AfroFuturism is a critical perspective that opens up inquiry into the many overlaps between technoculture and black diasporic histories.”

The following entries include my blog writings about afrofuurism.

• July 21: Afrofuturism & the collectively-authored annotated bibliography  
• April 29: The Transformative Possibilities of Black Poetry  
• April 8: Placing the Back Channel Up Front at Black Thought 2.0
• April 8: Mark Anthony Neal Shares His Audience 
• April 8: Broadcasting & Tweeting a Black Studies Conference
• April 8: Toward a History of Black Digital Intellectual Histories
• April 8: Notes on Black Thought 2.0
• March 24: #TrayvonMartin & Afrofuturism
• February 13: Past-future visions & Afrofuturism
• February 12: Audio recordings of African American poets
• February 9: Black Studies2.0: An Exhibit 
• February 7: Mixed Media exhibits
• February 6: The Interactive Reading Group
• February 5: The Black Studies Blog
• February 4: Black Studies and Listening Devices
• February 3: Black Studies @ SIUE and Graphic Design
• February 2: Black Studies @ SIUE and Music
• February 2: The Malcolm X Mixtape 
• February 1: Black Studies @ SIUE and Afrofuturism
• February 1: 28 Ways of Thinking about Black Studies & Afrofuturism
• January 14: Studying Afrofuturism vs. Keeping it 100
• January 10: Afrofuturism & Poetry Course Description

• September 27: Black Arts Poetry & Afrofuturism
• September 2: Some Background Readings on Afrofuturism
• August 31: 1999-2000: Discovering The Intuitionist, The Boondocks & Afrofuturism
• August 14: The Slow Hunch: Notations on Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From
• June 19: Black Book Trailers & Publishing History: Scott Poulson-Bryant’s The VIPs
• June 18: Toward an Afrofuturist Approach to Examining Literary Texts
• June 6: Alondra Nelson & Afrofuturism
• June 6: Mark Anthony Neal’s Multiple Approaches To Composition 
• April 26: How Major Writers Become Legendary on Twitter 
• March 31: Colson Whitehead Novel on Twitter 

• November 1: Top 10 Reasons for Re-Reading The Intuitionist   

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