Modern Griots: King Britt

King Britt is a Grammy-nominated electronic composer, musician and DJ. He is currently part of The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage’s music program, Noise From the 18th Floor. His curated playlist is Cosmic Culture: A Sonic Journey Into Afrofuturism, which includes music from the past, present and future of afrofuturism. Britt also premieres his own track, “Beyond the Sun,” on the website, where you can download it, and find out more about Britt and his work.

These are times to listen to the Britt’s interview and the music from his playlist on PCAH’s station: 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon, 10 p.m., midnight, 2 a.m. Also, Download King Britt’s playlist (PDF).

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