Art of This World: Risha Rox

This is from the Bombay Sapphire’s Artisan and Imagination Series. Artist Danny Simmons (brother of Russell and Joseph “Run” Simmons) speaks with several different artists about the work they do and the one who caught my eye was Risha Rox. I have seen the photographs of the male model painted like the universe with stars, but did not realize it was her work until now.

Rox is a painter and make-up artist whose work mainly revolves around the human visage, or the body as her canvas. Her work has been seen in videos for Meridian’s “Magic,” Cubic Zirconia’s “Take Me High” and PUi’s “Army of Slaves.” Speaking about her work, she said , “I hope that my work gives people a glimpse of something beyond our day-to-day grind and experience. I want to peel back the veil between worlds and provide access to other planes.” Rox calls herself “a student of the dreamworld,” even describing one lucid dream she had in which her classmates turned into classic horror movie monsters. One of her recent works is “HAIL MARY (a triptych),” which was “an exploration into three facets of the Virgin Mary: The Queen of Sorrows, Sea Line Woman and Our Lady of Rage,” a versioning of the archetypal triple goddess. Read more about her work here.

See the “Hail Mary Triptych”

“New Meaning to Fresh Faced”

Presentation at Raw: Solstice

Works from Risha Rox

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