Behind the Mask: Mindless Behavior I get older, one way that gauge how old I am is boy bands/boy groups. At 22, I am that crux where I am old enough to be over them and still young enough to swoon over them without that much shame. I still remember singing along to B2K and B5, and that was only the last decade. For other generations, it was the young and sexy Dru Hill and Jodeci R&B of the 90s, and the saccrahine R&B of New Edition in the 80s and Jackson 5 in the 70s. Well, I recently found out that this generation now has a new group: Mindless Behavior. And while their electro-R&B songs can be catchy (although singing a song about how much of a player you are and breaking girls’ hearts is not really my thing), I do have to admit I am more attracted to their style. For example, I am liking this James Bond-looking ensemble in their video for “Keep Her on the Low” and I want Princeton’s glasses, it would be great for a steamfunk outfit:

The boys are also coming out with a film, Mindless Behavior: All Around the World, today, March 15, showing the behind the scenes of their journey so far. As you can see they already have girls going in a frenzy just like all the boy bands before them, but I give them props for trying to inspire audiences too with their don’t think it, just be it “mindless” message. Did I mention that it’s a bonus that member Ray Ray trained with dancer Tommy the Clown? Watch the trailer below:

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