Modern Griots Review: Arin Maya and The Imagination

“Drifting on a memory/Don”t give a care whoever sees me” is how Arin Maya and The Imagination begin Her Imaginings and that is how the album sounds — like a soulful drifting on a jagged, dislocating yet transformative electronic sonic journey. For example, the space traveling track “Get Outta Here,” Arin Maya sings in a robotic manner demanding a change socially and politically in the verses matching the forcefulness of the instrumentals.

ArinMaya and The Imagination continue their warm yet otherworldly vocals and instrumentation in other tracks, like “You Make My Day,” “Do You Think,” and “I Find You,” which again returns to her robotic or staggering vocals and instrumentation that parallel with the life-altering lyrics. Even the solely instrumental tracks, like “Arise,” sound like spaceships moving in and out of space but interwoven with lush melodies. However, the track “Alright,” one favorite of mine, is a bit different, like a neo-spiritual with its mix of electronic and acoustic percussive sounds. Together, the album is an entrancing trip through Maya’s mind.

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