Modern Griots Spotlight: Nino

Nino modeling clothes for PAGE

Last weekend, I attended the Africa Now! concert at The Apollo, which featured performances from FreshlyGround, Lokua Kanza, Nneka and Blitz the Ambassador. While all the performances were great (FreshlyGround’s silly, energetic dancing, Lokua Kanza tender singing and Nneka’s fierce honesty), the standout performance of the night was Blitz the Ambassador’s with his simulation of a plane trip to Ghana. I especially enjoyed his connecting of the drummer and the DJ, the inclusion of political issues in Ghana in his music, and his showcasing of musical artists from Africa, like Osibisa and Fela.

Speaking of Osibisa and Fela, one artist from Ghana who wants to follow in their path is musician Nino (Agyemang Kofi Offeh). Already he is making his presence known in Ghana and the rest of the world; having survived a terrible car crash, he is coming back with his new genre, NUSLAM. He interestingly described NUSLAM as “a prostitution of known genres on one piece to give a different and unique rhythm that is sensitive and mellifluous to the ear.” Basically, he is taking the musical values and sounds he has learned from his pioneers and forming a new style of his own that will hopefully have a huge impact.

Read more about him here.

“Ma Damfo Pa (My Friend)” from his album Rain n Water

Listen to his other single “Fanosaa.”

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