Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: My Poetry 4

This is the last day of National Poetry Month and I wanted to share a couple of the poems I wrote for the NaPoWriMo challenge this month:

Prosthetic Conscience

We are the abominations:


And like a bomb in nations

We go off as we enter their spaces


The sight of us

Blowing off their heads

Leaving them in critical



They replace heads

With clouds in metal cages,

Find minds in pages of a man-made

Book wrapped around the bars


Like babbling newborns barely knowing

The universe, let alone the world,

Let alone themselves, they scream smoke

Of fiery fear from their lungs:


“You are the curse of Ham!

You are a witch; you must

Be silenced! You are the fire

and brimstone raining down

on Sodom and Gomorrah!”


We are the aliens in our spaceship

Coming down to see the unbelievable –

Those who never explored

The space around them


Pitying their smallness

The bodies without heads

Who refuse to see the magic

In our eyes.

Tribute to Angela Davis (cinquain)

Girl Black

Explore yourself

Halo hair spout wisdom

With fist rising like a fired


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