Blogging While Brown Entry

Program interruption: This is my entry for Blogging While Brown scholarship.

My blog, Futuristically Ancient, has been running for a little over two years. I started blogging a couple of years before that as another way to express myself, since I am not much of a talker. As for this blog, I started it after watching a clip of John Akomfrah’s The Last Angel of History; I thought it did a great job of connecting pasts, presents and futures, which was already one of my interests. Later on, I found out about afrofuturism, reigniting my interest in science fiction and fantasy, and declared that as the focus of my blog.

While this blog started as a side things for fun, I do want to be more serious about how to expand it and connect with others. But I am slightly introverted and shy, as Stacia L. Brown said in her post, so networking is not that easy for someone like me. Blogging While Brown, which will be in my home city this year and would be my first time attending, seems like a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and learn from the more advanced and professional bloggers their tricks and techniques, since I am still somewhat of a newbie.

I am at the point where I want to try some new things with my blog, but I need to know more about where to start, so this conference might be a good help. And to tell the truth, I don’t know as much as I could about the intricate workings of blogging, such as mentioned in the video below. It is easy to forget that one is becoming an official media person (interviews, news, etc.) when you have your own personal blog and start transitioning into a more professional blog. As Terri from Try Anything Once wrote about in her post, the conference will provide information on how to move forward as a blogger.

Additionally, one blogger in the video spoke about that their needs to be more inclusion of people of color in science and science fiction. I want to connect with bloggers with similar interests. As also mentioned in the video, people of color and media have a long history, both positive and negative, and it is important that we are part of both the creation of and representation within the future of media. Blogging While Brown looks like it has been and will be a good place to address those issues and I want to be a part.

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