Moving on the Wires: Taking a Break + Donations + Vampires + Studio Museum + The Beautyful Ones Exhibit

* Hey everyone! I decided that since my birthday is in a couple of weeks (August 7), and since I have been slowing down on the blog due to both things that I am personally doing that is taking up my time and the events of the world tiring me, I will take a few weeks off. Enjoy reading or rereading my previous posts, and consider donating to my blog at the side (it would be a nice present, especially with my laptop getting old! haha).

*With vampires having a renaissance and with several cult film classics including black vampires or vampire-hunters, like Blacula, Vampire in Brooklyn, and Blade, books like Octavia Butler’s Fledgling and TV shows like True Blood featuring the character Tara, here are some projects to take a look at:

1) Rashid Darden’s upcoming novel Birth of a Dark Nation about black vampires who come to America during the transatlantic slave trade. Here is the Indiegogo page.

2) Nikyatu Jusu’s upcoming Suicide by Sunlight web series. She describes the series: “Daywalking Black Vampyres protected by added melanin roam modern day NYC. RAYN, a half vamp+half human hybrid rejects her vampyre lineage while hunting for the right human sperm donor.” For more on the series, here is the facebook page.

3) This is another series I stumbled upon a while ago, called Eternal, which takes place in Atlanta. I thought it was interesting synopsis. There are not much episodes and I do not know if there will be more, but here it is on Web Series Channel.

Robert Pruitt’s “Be Of Our Space World”

* The Studio Museum of Harlem has to exhibitions, one that is currently on view and another upcoming, that you should consider going to if you are in New York:

1) Robert Pruitt’s Women. The Huffington Post did a review of the exhibition.

2) The Shadows Took Shape in November. “The Shadows Took Shape is a dynamic interdisciplinary exhibition exploring contemporary art through the lens of Afrofuturist aesthetics.”

* Although it closed, there was an exhibition based on Ayi Kwei Armah’s utopia-like novel about post-independent Ghana, The Beautiful Ones are not Yet Born, which I have not read, but have heard a lot of good things about and want to read. The exhibition, The Beautyful Ones, was at Berlin’s Nolan Judin gallery, some of the works viewable on OkayAfrica, and the interview with the curator as well as video of the exhibition is here.

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