Otherworldly Videos: Noise Gate + Spoek Mathambo + Fhloston Paradigm

Here is Donovan Vim Crony’s sci-fi short Noise Gate! The film is about a “dimension-traveling scientist who is in search of the ultimate reality. His only passage into that realm is something called the NOISE GATE.” It reminds me a little bit of Afrikan Boy and DJ Shadow’s ending for the video for “I’m Excited.” I also thought it was interesting that there were Japanese subtitles in the film, in a sense reversing the foreign film concept. Take a look at the Behind the Scenes.

Spoek Mathambo’s latest video for “Awufuni,” a tribute to the 1960s South African female group, Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje. I love the colorfulness and the magicalness of the video, and given the amount of disrespect black women receive, it is nice to see a video give a black female group from South Africa respect.

Fhloston Paradigm video for “Chasing Rainbows.” I like that the video feels both futuristic and ancient; it has a shaman kind of feel to it.


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