Otherworldly Videos: Walking with Gods + CV Nation

Rapper and actor David Banner has a new live-action, superhero series, Walking with Gods. It is about a man, Alex Light, who is an incarnation of Aket Heru, based on the Egyptian deity, and is trying to realize his godly powers after ages of not knowing them. The series uses animation from well-known artist John Jennings.

Parts 1-4 are available on ABannerVision

I’m intrigued; I want to see what happens next!

Here is another superhero series that I just found out about, CV Nation. It is about costumed vigilantes with natural and enhanced powers. They recently premiered the first episode of season 2. I like the special effects and the costuming, but I do wish the episodes were a bit longer so I could sink into it more (same for Walking with Gods). Episodes are available here.

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