Otherworldly Videos: Premiere of Fakepakt, Atilla +Daví ‘s “Clear” (and Other Videos You Should Also See)

Fakepakt, Atilla and Daví – “Clear”

About the song and video:

“The video and single were done in both Istanbul (Turkey) and NYC (USA); Daví and FAKEPAKT have never met physically. FAKEPAKT discovered Daví on Soundcloud and after a few messages back and forth, the collaboration was soon set underway. As Daví and Atilla have been longtime collaborators, Daví reached out to Atilla to tell him about the collaboration with FAKEPAKT and it just so happened that Atilla knew FAKEPAKT through a childhood friend; the project soon after became a trio. The serendipitous and powerful combination of these three wild talents is heard like crystal in Clear.”

Oh the wonders of technology; we can collaborate even from long distances. Hmm. I want to learn more connection between the fencing, the fighting competition with masks on, the mask he wears in the video, and the song.

Tunde Olaniran’s “The Highway”

Janelle Monae’s “Heroes”

Flying Lotus’ “Phantasm”


Pegasus Warning’s “Change”

Maimouna Yousseff’s “We’re Already Royal”


Navasha Daya’s “Iwapele”

Moses Sumney’s “Man on the Moon”



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