Otherworldly Videos: The Spirit in Music – Vaudou Game + Ibeyi

Vaudou (Voudou, Voodoo, Vodun, etc.) and Yoruba Orisha religions have spread all over the world despite efforts to quiet it and here are two musical acts who incorporate the spirituality from the various variations, related and descended religions, like Santeria, Lucumi, or Candomble into their work. First is Vaudou Game’s “Pas Contente” video and their genre of Vodun Funk. “The band of six is led by Peter Solo, a singer and composer born in Aného- Glidji, Togo, birthplace of the Guin tribe and home to voodoo culture…Solo formed Vaudou Game in Lyon, France, with the vision of codifying the musical scales that are found in sacred songs of Beninese and Togolese vodun music. The terms “vadou” and “voodoo,” which come from the word “vodun,” refer to spirit and name a blended culture of voodoo practices from different West African ethnicities. Translating tradition into modern instrumentation, Solo states that he composed Apiafo based on the two main musical scales of voodoo tradition.” His album, Apiafo will be released September 22nd. (Source: Okay Africa)

Next is Ibeyi, a French Afro-Cuban duo of twin sisters, Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz, whose music is described as “Yoruba Doom Soul,” mixing electronic, hip-hop and blues music with spiritual themes from Yoruba folk songs. Their debut EP, Oya, which references the Orisha goddess of wind and storms, has songs like “River,” a dedication to the Orisha of rivers and love, Oshun. Read their Okay Africa feature.


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