Modern Griots Interviews: Boshia Rae-Jean

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I recently met Boshia at the Little Miss Creative event in New York City where she recited her poem, “I Have a Galaxy in Me:”

“These organs are not only my make up but they make up my galaxy/I am a goddess of the galaxy that reproduces life/This is why I believe in me because/I have a galaxy in me.”

I asked to do an interview with her and here it is below, where she discusses her style, her organization, WeInfinity, and her goals to reinvent Hip-Hop to include more women’s voices:

1) How do you define yourself – your personality, style, the creative work you do?

I would define myself as being outgoing, whimsical, passionate, humble. As for my style I would defiantly say cultural, earthy, and purposeful. On the creative end, I’m constantly evolving that which is unique to me constantly and manifesting what’s already been created for us.

2) How did you start your organization, WeInfinity, and what was your motivation for starting it? What is the main meaning behind WeInfinity and its logo that you want to share with others? What upcoming plans do you have for WeInfinity?

I started the organization WeInfinity by just being passionate for a cause I believe in — bringing women together through multimedia to tell their stories and show the world what they haven’t even learned yet. My motivation for starting it was defiantly being around such enlightened women and seeing how mass media wants to market one type of woman. It  dawned on me that we have control over what we want to see. The meaning behind the WeInfinity logo is simple we are one an ancient Kemet symbol like the ankh connects the “W” which stands for WE. The upcoming plans that I have for WeInfinity begin with our biannual exhibition this March 2015 in Montclair, NJ and Brooklyn, NY bringing women together with art, music, love and connecting, and as for any thing else, I’m developing a lot of visuals for the WeInfinity, visuals to incorporate with the non-profit side of the organization.

3) Where did you receive the inspiration for your poem, “I Have a Galaxy in Me?” Who or what are your major inspirations for your music, writing and other areas of your life?

The inspiration for “I Have a Galaxy in Me” came from being in the know of oneself, being able to fulfill your purpose and knowing we are incredible creatures, beings, or people. We belong here, we’ve been here, and exploration is a must for us to become on a higher level of consciousness. My major inspirations when it comes to music are Queen Latifiah, Lauryn Hill, Slick Rick, TU-PAC, Erykah Badu, Sade, Pharrell, Kanye West, Pusha T, and more. When it comes to writing Andrea Dworkin, John Gray, Maya Angelou, and Jean Grae is like my (new found obsession). I’m mostly inspired by love and manifestation.

WeInfinity Logo
WeInfinity Logo

4) You have a song called “H.H.R. (Hip Hop Reloaded).” What fresh perspective are you bringing to hip-hop? Why do you think it is important to have a wide range of female perspectives and personalities in hip-hop and the music industry?

With the song “H.H.R,” I’m over standing that Hip Hop isn’t the same as it use to be, in good and bad ways — one way being misogyny is still alive in well. Hip Hop has also changed for the better — we have more indie artists and spaces, and are strong with utilizing the Internet as our main tool. I feel like it is up to me to bring something new and represent women in Hip Hop. “HHR” acronym is basically pronounced Her as in the Bringer of a new the goddess of truth, love, and oneness. It is important that there is a wide range of women In Hip Hop, one word reliability. Not every female wants to twerk and show their goodies for the world to see, and beauty ideals in mass media affect women everywhere negatively and positively, so its extremely important.

5) What words of wisdom do you have for other creatives out there who want to make a career out of their craft?

Make sure you absolutely do it with passion. What you put into it you will always get out.


6)  My blog is called Futuristically Ancient, so in what ways are you both futuristic and ancient?

I’m futuristic because I’m in the know, in the now and beyond, I manifest what is to come. I always considered myself an “Ancient Regent.” I’ve embodied the Goddess Nefertiti and she has guided my journey as I study her grace and power. I feel that I am living in the future and my mind is ancient.

Thank you Boshia for the interview and find out more about her at Boshia Music.



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