Moving on the Wires: Redesigning Futuristically Ancient

Art by Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen

New look! New purpose!

Going forward, Futuristically Ancient will be my official Author/Artist website! Most of what I post will be centered around my own personal work, sharing upcoming events, manuscripts I am writing, drafts and early versions of my writing, and community and art projects. I am building the world of Futuristically Ancient. Below are some goals I have for the next year:

  • Working towards publishing my first full-length poetry collection, “An/d De Wata Breaks Breaks Breaks.”
  • Submitting my next chapbook, The Myth Is (K)Not, to presses
  • Working on my next poetry collection, Polly-Nation
  • Continuing writing my first speculative fiction work, The E, inspired by The Underground Railroad and my neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, about a team of underground archivists with magic powers who are trying to preserve the histories of Jamaica.
  • Working on more text object art pieces and collage books
  • Editing an online folio for Spoken Black Girl’s Poetry Section, called Baby Suggs and A Purple Butterfly: Sermons, Spells, Codes and Letters for Black Women and Girls
  • Collaborations with the Southeast Queens Artist Alliance and our publication platform/mobile cart project
  • Looking for partnerships for a line of journals
  • And more…

Thank you for joining me on this journey so far! I hope you continue to stay along for the ride! Take a look at the sections in the menu to see what I’ve been up to for the past few years! And of course, if anyone is interested in collaborating or submitting to any of my projects or supporting in any way, feel free to reach out.

Peace from the mothership Aker!


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