Moving on the Wires: Holy Clown Syllabus + Ark|Teks’ “Coding Your Cosmos” Workshop + New Patreon!

Hello Everyone! Sharing some news with you:

1 ) Holy Clown Syllabus

Harlequin Creature, a small press on which I am a board member and editor, recently found out some of the problematic history of the Harlequin, akin to Blackface minstrelsy in the United States. After learning that, the founder of HC, Meghan Forbes, and I created a syllabus of various resources that “ interrogate the ways in which the clown figure has both been imbricated historically in racist, sexist, and classist performance. but the list also presents examples of how the figure of the clown or trickster in their many guises has been activated as a powerful tool of subversion and resistance.” Please click here to see the syllabus!

2) Coding Your Cosmos

Next month, I will lead a 4-part workshop series, Coding Your Cosmos, at The Coop Workshop. It is the next iteration of my Ark|Teks workshop which you can watch the first iteration on my youtube page. Please go to the Coop’s upcoming classes page to find out more info and to register.   

June Jordan and Buckminster Fuller’s Skyrise for Harlem project

3) Patreon!

Last, I have started my Patreon page, which includes access to future mini-workshops from both my Ark|Teks and Magic Zigns & Vision Binders series, oracle poetry and symbols, journals and zines and one-on-one sessions! If you are so called, please consider becoming a patron of my work!

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