The M(N)STRY: “How Can You See in the Dark? Part II”

Yesterday, I went to two online events that inspired the poem below. First, my friend Yasmine invited me to a Nichiren Buddhism conference and then I attended Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative’s black/water: The Digital Ceremony. As you know, sound, wordplay and etymology are part of my spiritual and poetic practice, so watching both, certain words and phrases stood out to me, flowed and mixed together, and turned into this poem. By the way, thank you to Healthy Healers‘ Orlanda Jefferson for her protection + abundance wreath that also inspired the poem, too, because of the specific shell in it that is mentioned in the poem. Part I will be published in Issue 3 of Spoken Black Girl. Enjoy!

The Unknowable


A sacred mark

The door entrance of a ship

The opening and closing

mouth sound welcoming

the flow of nourishment


A devotion to the absolute Word

That made the Dark talk

That revealed the light in the Dark

The stemulus projecting from its mystery

I sea


Angaria Delphinus found me

The WRiding of a spiral shell

found its way to me

like a roaming Nomad

like mother’s fish soup in the amniotic fluid

Made the Dark Talk

on a tiding breath

Made the Dark Turquoise

like a flowing of gems

in the waters of Barbados

I stand at the margins

of my mother’s island

Island rippling

As a bird in liquid form

stirring in its shell

Made the Dark Turquoise

When it kraked the shell open

to leave for a new rooting

to discover its wild strength bubbling within

like a Guinea fowl named Numididae Meleagris

Island rippling from Mogadishu

A hallowed place dug out

and talking the truth springing from its mystery

like a lotus rising from the mud

A medicine from history’s poison


weaves a wide wreath like a konch

weaves a web like a dream


around like the lotus


Dark deep hooked us and rose us

A reunion of a flowing bearer and a flowering truth

All voices singing keys to unlock its own riddle

We all bonded together and washed over

by the Word reborn in an Image/Nation

KW — (the coordinates of Languitude & Atlantitude)

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