A Look Back/Into the Future

This year has been packed with a lot of ups and downs, but it has also open a few unexpected doors for me that I cannot wait to see come into form next year. So here is a list of my favorite posts I did this year, so you can look back too before we head into the New Year. Thanks for joining me on this ride.


*I recorded myself singing Ishmael Reed’s blues poems

*Interview with my logo artist Estella Yu

*Highlights from Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center

*This post is sadly still relevant: I watched the docufilm, Cry of Jazz” and reflected on the Restrictions on Black Excellence.

*Recap of The Studio Museum’s “Black Aquatic and Afrofuturism” panel that was part of their The Shadows Took Shape exhibition.

*Inspired by Janelle Monae, a look at Dapper Ladies.

*A look at the Retrofuturism of Steamfunk, Rococoa, Black Medieval and Black Westerns.

*A brief summary of my upcoming published essay called The Legba Circuit in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.

*Recap of conversation with Saul Williams and Sanford Biggers (The Shadows Took Shape exhibition).

*The Meaning Behind Futuristically Ancient

*Recap of Afrofuturism, Myth and ‘Image as Prophecy‘” panel (The Shadows Took Shape)

*Bessie Coleman‘s story was inspiring for me, so here is the review of the one-woman show about her.

*Review and Interview with musician Davi.

*Review of Moondance at PS1.

*The poem/artwork I found at a family member’s home that matched the theme of my blog. It is called, “The Guide and The Guided.”


*Artwork from Sol’Sax and Maksaens Denis that I enjoyed.

*Review of Rasheedah Phillips’ Recurrence Plot.

*A playlist of speculative blues songs.

*Colored Girls Hustle Hard Interview 1 and 2.

*Renee Cox’s Sacred Geometry collection.

*CCCADI Celebration of Sacred Power of Women of Spirit (Candomble Priestesses).

*The divine hairstyles of Shakilla the Loc Scultpor (I was a celebrity for a couple of weeks with that do).

*Interview with Denisio Truitt about her clothing line, DOPEciety.

*Rest in Peace Spaceape (Stephen Gordon).

*Review of Word, Rock and Sword Concert.

*Animism, Cybernetics and Adaptability! Doesn’t that sound cool?

*Review of Funk/God/Jazz/Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn exhibition from Weekville Heritage Center and Creative Time and the conversations in conjunction with it.

*Review of The Summer of Gods short film, one of my favorites from the year.

*Five Black Witches Is Too Much for Black Audiences? (I wrote this after the film idea was canned on Hollywood Divas.)

*We Must Value Our Own Stuff Even in the Face of Doom 1 (June Jordan‘s “Nobody Mean More to Me Than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan”) and 2 (Futuring the Presence of the Blackness in Arts Panel Recap)

*Interview with Janluk Stanislas, director of first Caribbean short science fiction film, Trafik D’Info.

From Trafik D'Info
From Trafik D’Info

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