Basic.Instructions.Before.Leaving.Earth: Caribbean Comics

Beaming in from Barbados –Back with the Astro-Caribbean series…

The United States has a large comics book industry. But that doesn’t mean other places are not developing their own. As my parents are from Barbados and Dominica, I wanted to feature two comic book creators and publishers making it happen in the Caribbean:

Beyond Publishing Caribbean

Matthew Clarke

“Beyond Publishing is a group of young and talented Barbadian artists and writers who are seeking to encourage reading and creativity by capturing the imagination of young people and the young at heart.

Beyond Publishing tries to showcase stories with a Barbadian or Caribbean flavour, through several genres: comedy, adventure, educational or drama.”

*Based in Barbados

*8 active members:

Alan Lynch (co-creator/writer of ‘Life & Death in Paradise‘ and ‘Hardears‘); Tristan Roach (creator of the ‘Spirit Bear‘ comic and artist on ‘Offset’); Matthew Clarke (creator of the ‘Heartman‘ graphic novels and co-creator/artist on ‘Life & Death in Paradise‘ and ‘Hardears’); Aguinaldo Belgrave (creator of upcoming graphic novel ‘The Rook‘, and one of the artist on the ‘Life and Death in Paradise‘ comic series); Delvin Howell (creator and writer of the ‘Offset‘ comic series); Julian Mosley (creator of the upcoming ‘Omnitans‘ comic); Jason Haynes (creator of upcoming comic ‘The Antibody‘) and Keil Hinds (Creator of ‘Tainted Seas‘ comic).

*7 released titles

*11 books in print

*3 new titles in development

Delvin Howell

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Barbados also has its own Comic Con called AnimeKon! Check it Out!


“Super Dominica is a Carib [native people of Dominica] super heroine with amazing abilities and powers which are based on the features and natural resources of the Caribbean island of Dominica. Super Dominica was originally created by Illustrator/ Graphic Designer Albert Pierre in the year 2005. Her concept was expanded upon in a Comic book project called “The Dominican Patriot”. Super Dominica’s costume is made up of the Dominican Flag’s colors, a red cape and loin cloth which represents her Kalinago roots. The story of “The Dominican Patriot” has a deep focus on the native Dominicans (the Amerindians who happened upon the island first) with highlights on various aspects of Dominica’s culture, history and resources. Although Kalinago people make up a small percentage of the island’s population they have a rich culture and heritage.

Over the years Super Dominica has gone through several reboots and rewrites; but today she is a recognizable character and rapidly building a fan base. The Dominican Patriot is not complete as yet and is still under development. A mini Adventure series featuring the super heroine was created and can be viewed online for free. The Web Comic series is called “The Mini Adventures of Super Dominica.” Super Dominica is very powerful, having super human strength enough to lift large objects, she generate Positive Natural Energy balls which are harmless to humans but pack a punch when used against enemies with Negative Natural energy. She can also fly and summon a giant Sisserou parrot to her aid.

Albert Pierre is a digital artist based on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Thomas. His work mainly entails the anime/ comic-cartoon genre. He is a native of Dominica and devoted to promoting his country of birth for his character, Super Dominica.”

All of the superhero characters in the comics represent the different Caribbean islands and together, they are the Caribbean Justice Alliance. The ones for Barbados are below along with other pictures from SuperDominica:



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Do you know other comic artists, writers and/or publishers in the Caribbean? Let me know!

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