The My-Stery: Futures of Color

Although the main focus of this blog is afrofuturism, all people of color are in the speculative realm as well: From Butcharri “Why POC need Science-Fiction and Fantasy… You know one thing that I’ve found in being a creative and a person of color is that attempting to get POC to collaborate on something that […]

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Developing World: Beyond the Frontiers of Science Fiction

Jonathan Dotse from AfroCyberPunk wrote an article a few weeks ago on Institute for Emerging Ethics and Technologies about re-examining science fiction narratives, “developing nations,” and social change: “The future will not be a monopoly of the current superpowers, but lies in the hands of tech-savvy youth from around the world, trying desperately to survive […]

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What Is Afrofuturism? Part 4

This is an article on Afrofuturism by Lisa Yaszek from The Journal of the Research Group on Socialism and Democracy. The focus of the article is Ralph Ellison’s speculative fiction novel Invisible Man. In his introduction to the 1989 re-issue of Invisible Man Ralph Ellison provocatively notes, “a piece of science fiction is the last […]

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