I Could Dance, Dance, Dance All Night: Octavia

After attending the Oya and Anyanwu program on Wednesday, I did a search on the Anyanwu from Wildseed and came across a dance performance, called Octavia. Dancer Staycee Pearl choreographed this project and presented it last year. It is a tribute and exploration of Octavia Butler’s work and life, bringing her magical and sci-fi literature worlds into physical forms. The project is divided into three sections: 1. In the Begining was…, 2. Anyanwu’s Child, 3. Ooloi introduction.

“Anyanwu” featuring Jasmine Hearn

“Mind of My Mind” featuring Gwen Ritchie



4 thoughts on “I Could Dance, Dance, Dance All Night: Octavia

  1. Thinking my comment didn’t post. The Oya and Anyanwu presentation sounds like an awesome event. I wish I could’ve attended. BTW, the dancers via Youtube were intense and impressive. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No it did post from before. Thanks for commenting! And I agree, the dances are powerful. Also, I am not sure, but the Schomburg Center might post the audio for the event in the future. I’ll check to see if it does.

      1. I have a good friend that works at the Schomburg Center I can ask. He knows how much I love Octavia Butler. If you find out before me, please let me know. I’d like to hear that. 🙂

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