Otherworldly Videos: Mami Wata Films (Lady in the Water/Nkiru)

The legend of Mami Wata is one that has traveled from the shores of different countries in Africa to the shores of shores of the different countries all over the world in which the African diapsora lives. The media production company 37th State has produced a short documentary and short film that explores the figures who has enchanted and also terrified many. The documentary, Lady in the Water, through various interviews, shows the different manifestations of Mami Wata across the diaspora and the claims over her existence. It was directed by Tolu Itegboje and produced by Bolaji Kekere-Ekun. Kekere-Ekun directed Nkiru as well. Nkiru, inspired by the Mami Wata story, follows a group of friends who mysteriously disappear on a beach after the appearance of a supernatural being, Nkiru. Enjoy!

“Lady in the Water”


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