Modern Griots Interviews: De’ Kridge and The Power In M!O!R!E!

As a writer and entrepreneur, De’ Kridge tells of his inspiring and triumphant story that has led to the formation of his own spiritual mythology and language through his project, “The Power In M!O!R!E!.” Read his story below in my interview with him (Note: read carefully, it may be a lot to take in):

1) Your idea for The Power In M!O!R!E! is compelling. Can you introduce yourself, what you do and how you came to this point in your life?

On this intrinsic journey to claiming a purposeful life, over the last seven years, I have anchored most of my motivation to paying homage to my Great-Grandmother—Ma. Ma was THE one consistent affirmation of love, wisdom, spirituality, compassion, and personal accountability in my life. She use to say, “Trust what you think, and what you feel about people.” The additional seeds of Self-Worth-More, Ma deliberately planted in my mind and heart: hope, forgiveness, inspiration, lending, and of course, change—all of which I am still watering daily.

I am De’ Kridge. De, is the easy version. I was born on the island of Trinidad—of the famed twin-island Trinidad & Tobago, known for the Steelpan/Carnival/and more than one Miss World. I am an entrepreneur/writer, with many additional skills.

Rewind: I first came to the US in 1970. I was thirteen years old. Unknowingly, that first passage has become one of those lifesaving gifts from one of my aunts—The Nun – from which I first became inspired to imagine beyond the confines of my physical dystopia.

Fast forward to around my nineteenth year of who am I? I hated my life! Stuck in emotional dystopia: angry, afraid, and full with resentment for feeling ashamed about being born to so little—and my greatest burden then was the taunting shame of my mother’s rejection. I simply wanted to surrender: cross to No Dream and die from the reality of not being inspired. But my futuristic imagination would not pre-play my doom. I remember making a conscious decision to document everything. I have come to describe that moment as a preordained, quantum beginning—an epiphany if you wish.

I have reasoned, that I made a cognitive decision back then: I would not give up and become shattered from the emotional-darkness of childhood ills, and then simply die as one of those people doomed from conception. However, although I had that epiphany, crossing from that place I have named Oblivion to an isolated junction—inspired and alone with a sense of distant certainty—I was indeed “The Applicant” to choose to effect-and/or-attain my dream—my oaath—self-recognition of my firstworth. That reconnecting to my first-worth-faith, or firstfaith if you wish, did not accompany all the emotional intelligence I needed for mastering tasks-to-goals, and goals-to-my-firstworth. No way!

In fact, the necessary-emotional-intelligence I needed would come in drops, as if from a leaking faucet, and I would struggle for years, learning how to effectively use My Motion! My Order! My ability to RiiThink! And my intent to positively Effect!

If you could please, borrow and lend this: I have long since reasoned that too many children become indelibly-deprived-emotional-results because of unconscious and conscious decisions they feel compelled to make due to childhood ills caused by poverty, neglect, abuse, the absence of a parent, or parents, and/or from a lack of education. And far too many of these children live, only to die shattered.


They live afraid to sincerely attempt personal-preemptive-merited-change and to deliberately perpetuate poor choices: error, ignorance, abuse, violence, crimes motivated by unresolved claims of Self-Worth-Less, fear, wanting, self-pity, self-loathing, blame, denial, ignorance, envy, jealousy, hatred, selfishness, and stupidity with arrogance. They are not allowed to feel, or think—allowing their minds and hearts to successfully resist the imagination’s intrinsic pre-played claims of Self-Worth-More (I AM THE POWER IN M!O!R!E!), and to no longer become inspired by pre-played challenging-merited-possibilities proclaimed by one’s imagination, that should be transformed into opportunities—realities just beyond one’s intended-shattering from Self-Worth-Less appendages: “Poor me! Unlucky me! Why me! They are better than me!” They no longer cling tightly to their first-worth-faith—to their firstworth. And in time, exist using their intrinsic-constant-forward-motion deliberately effecting-and/or-attaining the imagination’s pre-played claims of Self-Worth-Less until their knowledgepaath is defined by worthless thoughts, and by worthless words, and by worthless deeds, to purpose worthlessness! And then onward to death, and perhaps to posthumously blame, life.

With less poetic words: Even now, in the twilight of my life, first-worth-faith has not beckoned an end to my firstworth: a writer to become. So, with constant-daily-effort, I intend to make of my life, a greater ending than that beginning I still yearn to change, and change is to me, lending of my first-worth-faith—my M!O!R!E! to help open faucets to emotional intelligence. In fact, I lend candidly this significant part of my childhood because my beginning is not unique. Those I intend to reach with “The Power In M!O!R!E!” are those people still holding tightly to first-worth-faith against all odds. For M!O!R!E! is to firstworth, in spite of obstacles!

2) How did you come up with the concept of M!O!R!E! (including the double vowels in certain words like Riithink)? Can you explain further your Oaath to Purpose?

Let me address the double vowels in RiiThink first: creating a new world means mixing this world with the intended new world. The double vowel [ii] meaning: sixty thousand years ago, children of the same minds communicated with each other using symbols that have become significant within the written language of my new world. The first [i] symbolizes the individual choosing to cross to the irrevocable awareness of being in intrinsic-constant-forward-motion to quantum beginnings—the evolution of mind, to the evolution of deliberate deeds to “Oaath. No Oaath.”

The second [i] is to affirm consciousness of iteration to any perfection: “Oblivion. Oaath. No Oaath” – the three states-of-being in my new world. Using this second [i for iteration], I deliberately removed the word [failure] from that world—from my characters’ lives, by simply counting the results of their choices in thought-to-words, and in words-to-deeds, as content by which each of them choose to live. Choosing thought, word, and deed for shaping one’s Staay in Oblivion; or choose to live by thought, word and deed shaping one’s Staay toward an Oaath; or choose to live by thought, word, and deeds shaping one’s Staay towards No Oaath.

Double [aa]. I read some of Joseph Campbell’s work; I was inspired by his influence on artists, poets, musicians, and filmmakers, and by his understanding of Indian culture and writings. During my research, reading about Sikhism, I came across the word [Paath] from the Sanskrit patha which means recitation or prayers.

I was brought up confused by religion but inspired by the power of prayer, especially as part of a group, so I wanted to define what a prayer was to me back then. I reasoned that prayer comes from first-worth-faith, long before the name was given—God. Prayer is the personal language of an inspired mind and heart for attaining greater inspiration. A prayer is the most sincere and profound emotional attempt for connecting to preordained knowledge experienced but not yet proven. I called this our KnowledgePaath, or KPaath: a certainty of anticipated education about our purpose-worth for filling faith’s void—through which our individual-and-collective worth can be declared, and affirmed merited, and often made tangible by our constant-daily-efforts via certitude in our firstworth.

What I can lend about Oaath mythology: each of us is born oaathbound; there are two parts to an oaath: the OaathCore (OC) and the OaathFragment (OF). An “O.F.” is one’s pre-birth declaration—one’s firstworth: certainty of preordained ownership, bequeathing onto one’s earthly will that can be effected-and/or-attained, in spite of obstacles. When an “O.F.” is attained, it is always represented/manifested as service to others, and it is reattached to its “O.C.,” and there are many, many fragments to an “O.C.” Imagine your “O.F.” is to become a teacher from the “O.C.” of teachers. You can choose to effect-and/or-attain that “O.F.,” or not, or perhaps you live oblivious of this necessary reality for making your life better.

As the author of this semiautobiographical work, my dream/oaath/firstworth is to publish thirteen addendums about this new world, in which there is an ongoing war about the importance of the efficacy of unwritten, preordained influences—from which each of us could earn resonances, for completing tasks-to-goals, and goals-for-effecting-and/or-attain every firstworth, in spite of obstacles.

Aavo is the author of The First Addendum. He attains his oaath by writing the first addendum, by which he defines his life: become self-relevant and earn collective reverence. Sounds familiar?

3)  I like your triangle-shaped logo. What is the meaning behind it?

The equilateral triangle with the three spheres is called a Triisphere©; it represents the ongoing war between those attaining oaaths, and those against people who cross to attain their oaaths. Of course, in the middle are those with no idea that such a war is being fought.

I created the triisphere as a symbol for describing mankind’s earthly struggle to recall what we should understand about our first-worth-faith, so we could stop surrendering our firstworth, to follow those with no idea of their firstworth, and those who have chosen not to follow their firstworth. In addition, the triisphere also represents our ultimate choice—the final Purpose we choose: Oblivion. Dream. No Dream. Think of Martin Luther King, Jr. choice of words. “I have a dream…”

Sphere influenced, written or unwritten. In the ABC vertex of the equilateral triangle: A, is the blue planed—Earth. From the Earth, B, left vertex is the black sphere—the Prosperous Sphere; C, in the right vertex is the red sphere—the Fatal Sphere.

4)  What is the story behind your comic book, The TimeKeepers: Cepheus and The Arch Four and how did you transform parts of it into your current project?

Because of my innate, creative abilities—using different pseudonyms – I did some ghostwriting through a friend (giveaways mostly) and I was learning via my association in her company, built my confidence, and enjoyed the feedback; I didn’t care about the recognition. Acceptance was my goal.

After years of secretly writing about my world of change—my world of firstworth choices above all else, and keeping the results to myself – it was time to stop being afraid. It was time to begin lending my thoughts. I knew that I had to continue moving beyond the crippling fear of failing as the author in my own voice. The TimeKeepers: Cepheus and The Arch 4 was the result of my first public attempt in my name.

Back in 2003, using one of my businesses, I pulled a small team together to build and release the 3-D comic book – THE TIMEKEEPERS: CEPHEUS & THE ARCH 4. The concept was immediately sent to Hollywood (I’ll share that story another time). The TimeKeepers became the first public release from what is now The RiiThink Firstworth Project—a 36-year-old journey since that life-changing epiphany around my nineteenth birthday—the preordained, quantum beginning from oblivion to accepting that I am accountable for effecting-and/or-attaining my firstworth.

In fact, as an entrepreneur, I used all of my businesses to test and build from real life situations. Some example were measuring personal accountability, loyalty, greed, friendships, support, decision making, struggle, focus, honesty, culture, bigotry, power, control, religion, myth, iteration, and sex and love. I was always watching, listening, and taking notes. A work in process for 36 years, the project is my intended franchise including books, a television series—which I have already written – several more comic books, and of course movies, which I have also written.

The TimeKeepers: Cepheus and The Arch 4, is only a test to measure if I could. So, to date, it is the same project – my evolutions via different countries, different cultures, different people and those who believed and those who don’t believe. I am owned by first-worth-faith, and I have earned firstworth experience because of my constant-daily-effort to changing me, first.

5) Your slogan is “changing the way people think about change, in order to change the entire world.” What is it that attracts you to idea of change? Why is it important idea for the world?

From about fifteen years old, change represented learning on my own, and learning to choosing not to live in the chasm of my environment’s indelible plights of established limitations: poverty, neglect, abuse, and the absence of my father. In fact, change required of me the following: at the worst times in my life—especially during my toiling youth. Because of my uncanny determination, my ability to nurture hope, to allow my imagination to pre-play challenging-merited-possibilities and the intuitive responses of my mind and heart to quickly embrace many of these possibilities, turning as many as I could into opportunities, the concept of M!O!R!E! ignited.

With hope prayer, and early lessons from my Great-Grand: “Trust what you think, and what you feel about people.” Ma nurtured me with moral support, and those encouraging seven words: “God has a plan for your life.” I believed that I had the ability to one day effect-and/or-attain some of those imaginary possibilities—especially, the writer to become. And on my hands and knees, I would deliberately crawl through my thickest-emotional-darkness, sifting, embracing, and transforming as many possibilities into opportunities. Determined to my firstworth, in spite of obstacles!

Of this intrinsic-constant-forward-motion-life, change is mankind’s journey, as documented throughout history: from the Great Rift Valleys, to the moon; from oppressive physical shackles, to physically earning freedom; from the Holocaust to the liberation of Germany. We struggle as a race—the human race, to define our individual-and-collective purpose via change: Oblivion. Dream. No Dream.

6) How do you see yourself as futuristic and what roles do myth and science fiction play in your work?

Again, I give credit to my Great-Grand’s teaching, for without the ability to nurture hope from her words, and be nurtured by my imagination pre-playing challenging-merited-possibilities, I would have died from the yokes of helplessness and self-poisoning resentment I felt from my environment’s indelible plights of established limitations…. When we are unable to imagine beyond despair, it is the only time our intrinsic-constant-forward-motion mechanism slows, and with deliberateness—turning back to our pasts, we grasp for emotional certainty of knowledge—resonances: the air of purposeful-worth. Fortunate as children—with responsible, loving, and inspiring influences, we often borrow rules for earning contentment—endeavoring to become fulfilled as empowered, inspired lenders and borrowers. Of course, in the absence of responsible, loving, and inspiring influences, should we stop breathing? Are we not lenders and borrowers, each of us—first-and-last: The Applicant in our lives, in spite of obstacles?

This is the principle of M!O!R!E!: working with what you have, in spite of what you think you should have gotten. Even now, I miss not being loved by my parents—especially my mother love, but I don’t miss what they left in the absence of their love. I am proud that I was loved by my Great-Grandmother, and that is the air of purposeful-worth to which I turn to breathe life into my dream—my firstworth: the writer to become.

As it relates to question on myth: “Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths” – Joseph Campbell.

In my own words: I see myth as a stairway that each of us must climb, to recognize the efficacy of written and unwritten influences—preordained events, long since authenticated earthly. Myth is my personal stairway for earning emotional certitude in preordained knowledge—resonance: the air of purposeful-worth for making tangible my firstworth: the writer to become.

To answer where I see myself as futuristic: I see myself as futuristic on my climb up my mythical stairway. My words represent the intrinsic art of my accumulative knowledge. As you are; as they are; I am the future. The question is how long will I remain a path in the future, when I am no longer present? Thus my constant-daily-effort–build a following for releasing my semiautobiographical work via M!O!R!E!.

386800_261697927283494_707533135_n7) What are your future plans and where can everyone find out more about you?

I am presently establishing the first of many stairs to my intended franchise, The RiiThink Firstworth Project, using my first platform, The Power In M!O!R!E!. The first RiiThink company is registered in London, England, where I lived for a short time. In 2013, I intend to be much more visible.

When The TimeKeepers project was taken to Hollywood, I was stupid about how people treated each other over product in that industry. That stupidity I have transformed into knowledge.

My unique, epic combination in which two writers, De’ Kridge and Aavo, both reach to effect-and/or-attain their firstworth—depending on each other, this is a message in itself. The difficulty is retaining creative control over my vision of real life mixed with fantasy—life with fiction. It doesn’t get better than this!   coming soon!

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  1. I enjoyed this interview. It gives great insight to who the man behind M!O!R!E! is, his dircetion and the motivation behind his drive.

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