Black Girls and Women Are From the Future…

Since yesterday was International Women’s Day and today is International Fly Girls Day, here is post dedicated to some topics, news and resources about us black women. But first, “I’m Every Woman” from Chaka Khan, one of the first music videos:

Search for Black Girls Are from the Future and Black Women Are from the Future.

International Fly Girls Program: article from Clutch Magazine, Ebony article, and website

Former Essence editor Constance C.R. White discusses her trouble with Time, Inc. who owns the magazine and getting fired. She claims, “When was the last time you saw Essence in the community advocating for or talking with Black women? … Essence needs stability and the brand needs a leader with a vision. Black women are social leaders, cultural leaders, we are aspirational and spiritual. Black women deserve the best. Essence is the last place where black women should be demeaned and diminished.” Read the article for more.

Power for Black Woman in Vulnerability: Article about allowing black woman to go beyond the myth of the “strong black woman” and different links that support black woman.

The Crunk Feminist Collective‘s analysis of 2Chainz’s Birthday Song and FAANMail‘s video analysis:

Fatuma Yvone – Femme

Celebrating the Courage of Congolese Women page

Sophia Wallace has done artwork on educating the public about women’s bodies, but also on race, gender and dandyism.

Afrofuturistic music from DJ Lynnee Denise of Wildseed Music.

Indiegogo campaign for Live Unchained awards, “Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful.”

The Peculiar Kind web series for people who are queer-identified:

“Taunts, Tweets and Black Girl Genius” by Salamishah Tillet

Other resources:

Quirky Black Girls blog, Black Girl Nerds, BlackGirlsCode

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