5 Actresses Who Could Play Oya

Actress Ethosheia Hylton will be playing Adesuwa, who connects spiritually with the orisha of storms and change, Oya, in the upcoming film Oya: Rise of the Orishas. Below is her interview and donate to the Indiegogo campaign:

But I also wanted to do a list of kickass actresses who would be great Oyas as well and take a look at other blogs’ lists (Gangstarr Girl and Divas and Dorks, too:

1) Kent King: She knows martial arts (Bojuka) and looked great in the recent short film, “Y; The Last Man Rising.”

2) Danai Gurira: She plays Michonne on The Walking Dead and looks deadly with a katana in hand.

3) Gabrille Union: If you remember the video for Busta Rhymes’ “I Love My Chick,” she proves that she can hold her own against Busta. Look at her swing that sword at the end.

4) Angela Bassett: If a movie about Oya was made years ago, Bassett would be a good choice. She has always showed her fierceness in movies like What’s Love Got to Do with It?, Waiting to Exhale, and Strange Days.

5) Freema Agyeman: She played the independent and adventurous Martha on Doctor Who and Torchwood, and knows martial arts as well.

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