Modern Griots Reviews: Summerstage – Femi Kuti + Sinkane

FSSUMMEREvery time I go to a park concert, I am reminded of why I dislike going to park concerts:

1) the scorching heat (I almost passed out from it)

2) the standing up for several hours

3) the rude people who either step in front of you while you are recording a performance or the people who say “excuse me” in the crowd only to stand in front of you (not to mention people doing obnoxious things like blowing bubbles in your face while you are right next to them)!!

Even winning a backstage pass did not help because the sitting area for people with these passes was obscured from the stage (I need to try getting a press badge next time or they photo-5need to rearrange the backstage area to a sectioned off place at the front of the stage).

Anyway, of what I could enjoy of the show: DJ King Britt introduced the show and played between the two performances with a mix of funk, afrobeat and other danceable music to stir the crowd. The first performing act, Sinkane played songs off his latest album, Mars, which were synthesizer trippy with multiple guitar melodies yet had the audience moving.

photo-6Femi Kuti turned the heat all the way up with his energetic and literally in-your-face songs from his latest album, No Place for My Dreams, and dances (you could see the sweat dripping from his face). Kuti, dressed in a white shirt and pants with purple and orange ornamental designs on them, looked like a priest in a ceremony, and his three female dancers/singers confidently dressed in pink outfits held as much attention with their shimmys and hip shaking causing their outfits to fly everywhere. And although I had to sit towards the end of the performance, you know you are bringing it when during your last performance, a rendition of his Fela’s “Wata Get No Enemy,” you can still feel the energy while not looking at the stage. Oh and did I mention that singer/rapper Maimouna Youseff and rapper Common made a guest appearances (but if I had to choose, Youseff was much more impressive, sorry Common! Seriously check her out)!

“No Work No Job No Money”

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