Otherworldly Videos: Evolve: The Series + Room 9

Here are two web series, one set in New York, the other in South Africa:

Written and directed by Kia T. Barbee, Evolve: The Series is about a young teenage girl, Donia Reyes, who on her 16th birthday is developing supernatural powers (including “super strength, forcefield, enhanced senses, super agility, telekinetic and telepathic powers“) and her parents are forced to let her know about them earlier than expected. Although Donia doesn’t exactly want these powers, they are something she will have to learn to accept and balance with living a normal teenage life. As someone who grew up in New York, a series about a young black girl with superpowers living in the city excites me already. And it is time to have black girls in lead roles with supernatural abilities. Also, since I like symbolism, I wonder if the series’ logo has a specific meaning, looks like an ouroboros reference. The next episode, “Birthday,” in tomorrow at 7:45pm on their youtube page.

Here’s a post from Barbee about why she created the series.


Room 9 is a South African series about a team of underground cops in a dystopian society who deal with the paranormal and supernatural. Disparagingly referred to as “zombie cops,” the team consists of cop Alice  Kunene, Detective “Darkness” Harkness, tech guru Ruby Prins, and Nigerian voodoo priest  Solomon Onyegu. I haven’t seen any of the shows yet, but from some reviews of it, the show needs work (also some criticized that they wanted different casting and that some of the elements did not relate to South African cultures). But I’m willing to see it, even if it’s bad, mainly because I want to see the Alice Kunene (Zethu Dlomo) character. She’s gorgeous!

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