The My-Stery: Our Future Selves Are Strangers?

Random Thoughts:

I came across a few articles and a video about how our brain sometimes prevents us from planning our futures because we do not see our future selves as us but as strangers. In NY Times article I read asked and answered, “Why does this matter? Because our connection to our future selves can have an impact on lots of important decisions we make right now about our lives.” Listening to the news this morning about the government shutdown in the United States, and how our bigger problem is our government and country not planning for the future. But do certain conditions keep us from projecting into the future — not seeing ourselves living past a certain age, not seeing opportunities and access for us, or those of us who are too immature, stubborn, self-absorbed or lack the self-discipline to do so? Do we not see our future selves because of a lack of belief or imagination, as Daniel Goldstein says here. Are we committed to our future or too wrapped up in our present selves and wants? This is an interesting prompt for a time-traveling, or interactions between present and future versions of oneself, story or poem, no?

Below I found this video of Zimbabwean activist, Precious Simba, and her work with The Girls Development Initiative to help young girls envision their future selves.

Another Future Self Series video with Dr. Christyl Johnson, Deputy Director, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

How do you see your future self?

2 thoughts on “The My-Stery: Our Future Selves Are Strangers?

  1. Very good. As a girl I dreamt of my future self a lot and “she” was always familiar to me. What was frustrating was very few people could see what I could see.

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