Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: Prentice Powell + Marshall Davis Jones (Verses and Flow) + Kysha Brown Robinson

Below are two more poets from Verses and Flow:

Prentice Powell – “The System”

His stylizing of the poem is like a another version of Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Marshall Davis Jones – “Touchscreen”

Marshall Davis Jones – “Unseen Connectivity” here is a poetry book from 2009 that I am interested in reading, Kysha Brown Robinson’s  Spherical Woman. She uses geometric metaphors and images to construct her poems and reconstruct her cultural heritage, gender and personal memory in an effort to step away from two-dimensionality. In an excerpt from “fierce, spherical woman,” she writes:

in a world of squares
I spin thirds
entrapped in cubicles
plotting the means
to the arc of my dreams

I am
the directness of diameters
dissecting planes of desire
no matter where I be
I want to see
the other possibilities…




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