Art of This World: Joshua Mays + Caitlin Cherry

Denver born painter, muralist and illustrator, Joshua Mays is a self-taught, visionary artist who has featured his murals all over the world. He draws inspiration from “science-fiction, dreamscape exploration and futuristic visions.” In his interviews, he says often of the importance of the arts on STEM fiields; for example, he said “creative ideas that are presented by the artists end up inspiring the explorers, the scientists, the future…Leonardo Da Vinci would draw a picture or plan of flying machines because he had these dreams of human beings taking flight.” Tomorrow, he is opening his exhibition, Beyonder in Oakland, California’s SoleSpace, Take a look at more of his work on Graffuturism.

Shades of Tomorrow Interview

Fresthetic Artist Talk

Joshua Mays art

Speaking of Leonard Da Vinci, although I didn’t get a chance to see her exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, I wanted to feature the video for Chicago artist Caitlin Cherry‘s Hero Safe, which was based on Da Vinci’s war machines. I also find her use of the golem figures and her purposeful “messing up” her art to create something new in her work interesting.

Raw/Cooked: Caitlin Cherry

The Studio Museum of Harlem’s Fore Interview

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